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Neuromarketing: The Future of Advertising by speters

Marketing evolves over time to the will of the people. This is a very important fact for business owners and other entrepreneurs to remember and follow accordingly. As times change, people change, and because advertising and marketing rely on the response of the people, they need to change as well.

In recent years we have seen the use of strategic ad placement, as well as social media marketing techniques. These strategies work very efficiently and sometimes effortlessly; however, success can be pushed even further by getting it all down to a science. What does that mean? Marketing to the masses using neurological means of advertising.

Some of you may think this already sounds confusing and complicated, but thankfully, it isn’t. Neurological marketing strategies are in fact very simple and easy to effectively incorporate in your business. In order to equip them into your business plans, you’ll need to understand basic examples of neurological marketing strategies.

When designing psychological based methods of advertisement, entrepreneurs should always be thinking of

basic human needs. Basic human needs are what drive consumers to make choices about certain products and purchases; thus, if a consumer ultimately feels that their needs are not being supported, they will choose to not purchase a product. Bartering with consumers and proving to them that you understand their desires and needs can help resolve their decision in your benefit.

With our current generation, there are multiple needs you can strike a chord with in order to be innovative and successful. In fact, these methods of neurological marketing are simple and have been used for years, but the way we use them is what has changed. The following are 3 basic marketing needs used by business savvy entrepreneurs that had their production booming in a short amount of time.

The first basic need we’ll cover is sex. For example, in 2002, cosmetic dentistry business owner Helaine Smith was finding trouble with her advertisement plan. She began to brainstorm other abstract ways in which to bring interest to her business. She considered the human need for sex, and published an electronic book titled Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex, documenting how good oral hygiene assists sex in being a much more pleasant experience.

Since the publishing of the book, her Helaine’s annual revenue for her business has tripled to one million dollars. This is due to readers finding information linking the book to Helaine’s original business.

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