Has social business finally arrived?

by Andrea Goldberg



Based on what has been written by advocates of social business, one might have expected radical changes to have already occurred across the business landscape. While many start-up companies have adopted new technologies and business models, the majority of businesses, however, have been relatively slow to change.

Recently, though, some of the social business predictions that have been made during the last few years have begun to take hold. New technology platforms have been implemented, executives are waking up to their roles in digital transformation, and both strategic and cultural changes have started to permeate organizations. The early adopters from marketing are now being joined by their colleagues from other functional areas, and investments are being made in socially enabled processes, communities and social and network analytics.








Andrea Goldberg

Andrea Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg is former IBM executive and social business thought leader with extensive knowledge and experience in  Marketing, Human Resources, Communications and Technology.  Her ability to work cross-functionally, transform organizations and develop new capabilities has enabled clients to reposition brands, develop new products and markets, improve customer satisfaction and increase employee engagement.

She is the President and Founder of Digital Culture Consulting, LLC, a professional services firm providing strategy, training and consulting across a range of organizational and marketing areas.  Dr. Goldberg also serves as an Adjunct Professor at the Ancell School of Business at Western Connecticut State University and is a frequent speaker at conferences, webinars, and professional association meetings.

In her 25+ year career at IBM, Dr. Goldberg led pioneering work on new technologies and markets.  As Vice President of Corporate Market Insights she drove the team that rearticulated the company’s brand.  She was also instrumental in articulating strategies around business services, new technologies and  emerging markets.

In prior IBM positions, she created global market intelligence capability.  Dr. Goldberg’s innovative assessments of IBM’s advertising earned her the Grand Prize at the 2003 Advertising Research Foundation’s David Ogilvy Advertising Awards.  While in Human Resources, she held positions in organizational and leadership development and employee research.  She was also responsible for running the IBM US employee opinion survey program.

Dr. Goldberg holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from New York University (NYU)   She was awarded certification in Digital Media Marketing from NYU in May 2011.  She serves on the research advisory board of Saugatuck Technology and  is a member of the Content Evolution ecosystem.