Good Morning, Today I am doing a little something different for this post. I am not a gamer but several folks have asked if I knew of places to go for help with games. I came across a few sites where I do some affiliate marketing so I am sending them out to you for your consideration. I do have a small request, since I do not play games should you decide to give one of these a try I would appreciate it if you would get back to me with the pro and cons of the games. I promote a lot of products so it’s difficult to try each and ever one,  customer review is most important to me. Your opinions help me decide if they are worthy of further promotion.
Recently we released a lot of features for the Dugi addon but we ran out of time to announce it and provide detailed explanations. Some of you might have noticed the new features already if you recently updated and read the change log.

Anyway, check out this new video below which will show you on how to use all the display options in the settings menu, which will also feature the new Multistep Mode

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