The last few months we’ve been conducting a series of test cases to once and for all prove out the overall effectiveness of public relations within the scope of an overall business communications success story. By the end of this series of reports, business owners and the communicators that help power their stories, will have several templates of PR success on a small scale, to apply to the larger scale projects some undertake. What our parent company, Pamil Visions PR has undertaken, any communications professionals can surely emulate. More importantly than this though, businesses for so long suspicious of marketing and PR strategies, will soon have a far better understanding of correct channel management.

What Is PR? Not Just Press Releases, Oh Please!

Once, PR was often at the head of marketing and advertising as the three dominant means of conveying message, and converting business. In the digital realm, marketing and ads naturally preceded a viable PR initiative. At least this is how Web 2.0 and ensuing digital business panned out. Now, agencies from the most powerful of all, Edelman and APCO, to an array of boutique PR firms and even so-called publicists finally play integral roles. My first two reports on this were featured on Social Media Today, as the next will be. I thought it appropriate though, that the first mention of a client of our firm should be here on Everything PR News. Part three of a series of reports to prove out for business how best to deploy the triad of marketing, PR, and advertising will show how story, and the right “mix”, even with some negative aspects, can still lead to very positive bookings ROI for hospitality players.

The long and short of today’s report focused on a Crete event, a hotel there, and an all too familiar “unwired” element that can crash any communications campaign. My previous articles referencing PR’s place in the promotion of all things digital dealt with generalities in the media outreach end of things, and to a degree social media might, etc. Part one focused on a hotel group in Scandinavia, and an individual effort to “heighten” that group’s visibility (Nordic Choice Hotels) unsupported by their PR and marketing team. While part two brought a major hospitality marketing firm into the picture (WIHP).


Promotional Marketing by Suzanne Scholl

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