Have you examined the organic reach of your Facebook page recently? You may be surprised to find that your posts do not reach every single fan – you may not even come close. Has Facebook misled brands and social media managers about the platform’s power as a marketing tool?Last month, Valleywag’s Sam Biddle reported that Facebook is in the process of slashing organic page reach down to 1 or 2 percent. A survey by EdgeRank Checker looked at 50,000 posts from the top 1,000 pages on Facebook and found that organic reach by fan had already dipped to 6.51 percent in March of 2014. The truth is that organic reach has been steadily declining since 2012.




Unfortunately, many of these articles have presented the problem without offering a solution, leaving page managers unsure of what to do. In extreme cases, some companies have deleted their Facebook page in retaliation; carryout app Eat24 even wrote a (NSFW) break-up letter before deleting their page, which had accumulated more than 70,000 likes.

It is understandable that companies are concerned about the investment they made in open social communities like Facebook and Twitter. They have operated under the assumption that the platforms were (mostly) free and effective channels for reaching their customers. Recent changes cast doubt on the validity of these assumptions. To combat these changes, companies must leverage Facebook’s advertising platform, invest in creating content that is valuable and engaging and consider creating their own communities.

Amplify Content with Advertising
In the short term, the easiest way to combat the drop in organic reach and increase visibility is to leverage Facebook’s advertising platform. While many marketers may be irritated with this solution, it should not be a surprising answer to the problem. In fact, the integration of ads into the News Feed rather than in the right rail helps present content to Facebook users in the way they prefer.

Additionally, Facebook’s maturing ad platform provides an incredible number of parameters to target both your fans and people across the network. If used correctly, Facebook’s advertising platform should enable marketers to reach their intended audience effectively and efficiently.





As a social business and digital strategist for 7SummitsDennis Jenders lives at the intersection of research, strategy and technology. It is here that he applies more than 15 years of experience to inspire new ways to connect and collaborate with consumers and build communities of vitality and value. Find him on Twitter @djenders.