Fresh Designs for Thesis & Genesis

The largest source for extraordinary designs for Thesis 2 & Genesis!
Discover why thousands of customers have picked Themedy to enhance their favorite WordPress frameworks. Our child themes (known as skins by Thesis users) are designs that support (and require) either Thesis from DIYThemes or Genesis from StudioPress. If you haven’t had any experience with child themes, they work just like your regular WordPress themes.

The one difference is instead of standing alone, they hook into another parent theme which provides the core functionality. Think of WordPress as the engine, Thesis or Genesis as the body and Themedy as the paint job. You get an incredible new design and keep all the power of an industry-leading framework.
Sound complicated? It’s not – installing is as simple as installing any regular theme or skin and can be accomplished with a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard.
What makes Themedy unique is our support for two leading WordPress frameworks with every theme we release. There is no other site that matches the amount and quality of themes we provide for both Thesis & Genesis.
Check out our most recent themes available for download now. There’s something for everyone!