In 2014, your first step towards becoming a published author with a traditional publishing house is to start a blog focused on what you’ll eventually want to write a book about.
 Your second step is to grow a community around the writing you’re doing on your blog.
Step three is to start writing for sites that have bigger, stronger, and more influential readerships than your own blog does. Eventually, and often immediately, you’ll watch your hobby become a profession.


I have been saying the same thing for over a decade: you can write yourself into any job you want. And it’s still true — and may be even truer today than it was in 2003. Why? Because in 2003 there were plenty of jobs, plenty of money, very few Internet-savvy hirers, and the Internet really wasn’t ubiquitous like it is now. And, back in 2003, the publishing industry was still deeply in denial that their hegemony would dominate the written world for years to come (where they were in 1993, a decade earlier–it’s true, denial is our strongest muscle).
Do I have a recent example of this happening in the wild?

Case-in-point: my buddy Minh Lê. He just sold a picture book to Disney! During the day, Minh works for the Federal Government. At night, he’s a loving husband and father. At some point in his busy, fulfilling life, he also loves literature. He love literature a lot. He’s the guy who always has a thin paperback book of short stories or essays in the a
headshotpocket of his blazer.  When he sits or waits, it’s always a book he settles into and not his phone






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