SnapChat PrivacyEdit

Users of the rapidly growing photo sharing social app called Snapchat got some potentially bad news — and now the company has responded.

It’s estimated the names and phone numbers of about 4.6 million Snapchat members were published online by anonymous hackers at a site that’s since been taken down (although some information is still available via leaked databases).

If you are a Snapchat user and aren’t sure whether you’ve been affected, visit this site first. It was set up by a security group very close to the Snapchat problem.  Only users within certain area codes in the United States were affected by the breach, according to the site.

You may remember Snapchat as the social startup that recently turned down a cool $3 billion from Facebook, which wanted to acquire the company.   You may also remember that Snapchat specializes in a type of photo sharing in which temporary photos and brief messages are shared on the network for up to 10 seconds and then deleted. (The site actually notifies the sender if another user has made a copy of the message.) Also important is that messages are shared only with the connections you specifically designate – not to the entire world.



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