by Becky Livingston

Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness or lead generation, LinkedIn is generally a good place to put ads for your business. Not only is LinkedIn the “business” social media platform, it also offers a geographic reach to over 200 countries. With over 3 million business pages listed on this platform, there is room for your brand too.

Go ahead. Give it a try in 2014. Here are some tips to help get you started.

Ad Creative

  1. Compelling. Use attention-grabbing words that your audience will respond to.
  2. Action Phrases. Include a call-to-action phrase to alert the viewer to do something, such as “Download Now!,” “Order Today,” “Don’t miss this chance!,” and more.
  3. Images. Even though the final image is 50×50 pixels, the image can be up to 2mg in size. That means create a square image that will be clear and engaging when reduced to these dimensions.
  4. Multiples. Create more than one ad for each campaign. Vary the ad text, call-to-action phrase, and images. This works well when split testing a campaign.