Written by Michael Endler 

Associate Editor, InformationWeek.com

Since debuting last fall, Windows 8 has attracted criticism arguably faster than it’s accrued market share. Microsoft, now a year older and wiser, hopes to right its course with Windows 8.1, which began rolling out to current Win 8 users as an optional download at 7 a.m. Eastern time Thursday.

The protests against Windows 8 are legion. Some say it alienated desktop users with its Live Tile Start screen and redesigned UI. Others contend it bored desktop users with uninspired core apps and a weak library of third-party titles. It was also criticized for forcing a tablet OS and a desktop OS into one package, and for failing to revitalize the flagging PC market. And that’s not to mention the implications of Microsoft’s Surface tablets, an inextricable extension of the Win 8 strategy that has not only cost the company millions but also soured relationships with some of its partners.

Retiring Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in June that Windows 8.1 would offer a “refined blend” of the original Win 8 vision, but given the original version’s struggles, many commentators have questioned whether iterative enhancements will be enough. Should you upgrade to Microsoft’s newest OS?

Here are 10 things you need to know.



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