Social media marketing and digital PR consultants spend too much time paddling and not enough time surfing. Let me explain: it’s my opinion that social media and digital marketing strategists spend so much time paddling ahead of the breaking wave that they never benefit from the ride. Put in simple terms: none of the consulting money, jobs, or gigs live too far along the bleeding edge. I was selling search engine optimization ten years ago but SEO only became legit and de rigueur 18-months-ago.

I was selling online reputation management back in 2005 but ORM really only became an essential crisis strategy a few years ago. I was so far ahead of the wave that by the time the wave came around, I was exhausted from paddling!


Be careful! You might be such an early adopter that you call death on each meme, platform, trend, and social network just before it becomes The Next Big Thing — sort of like rejecting the band you discovered in that dive deep in Brooklyn, the band you love, just because it finally got booked at Madison Square Garden.

Here’s a hint: there’s no real money in risk. You might think that being cutting-edge with regards to tech, social media, communications channels, and advertising is the best differentiator, your secret weapon.

It’s not true.




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