Manually posts may give your updates more traction

Deltina Hay

Have you ever wondered why some of your Facebook posts make it to your fans’ news feeds and others do not?

Facebook prioritizes posts using a method they call “EdgeRank.” Similar to Google PageRank, Facebook’s EdgeRank uses an algorithm that attempts to determine what Facebook users would most like to see in their news feeds. This, in turn, determines how likely your posts will show up in a fan’s feed.

There are three main elements to EdgeRank: Affinity, Weight, and Time as shown in the “formula” provided by Facebook below:

Where Affinity is based on how popular you are with a particular user, Weight is determined mostly by the type of post (video, photos, and links are weighted higher than status updates), and Time decay is simply based on the age of the post.

Earlier this year my colleague J.D. Lasica provided one of the best, most comprehensive looks at Facebook’s EdgeRank in his series on How Facebook’s news feeds work.

Though I’m a huge proponent of streamlining and integrating one’s Social Web presence as much as possible, this formula begs the question: Does auto-posting to your Facebook page hurt your chances of getting onto your fans’ news feeds — since more weight is placed on links than on status updates?

In other words, would you get more engagement from your imported blog posts if you manually posted them as links, rather than using a third party service or plugin to post them automatically as status updates?

Well, I am not the only one asking this question. Here is an illuminating article by WPMU about how their Facebook traffic increased as a result of discontinuing auto-posting.

This may be something to consider when putting together your next integration plan.

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