5 Mental Roadblocks to Partnering with a Virtual Assistant image delegation1For some entrepreneurs partnering with a virtual  assistant is unfamiliar territory and you may not fully comprehend the depth of  work that can be efficiently outsourced to help free up your time. You may  create mental roadblocks or perceived hurdles to prevent yourself from seeking  assistance with your business.

“Small-business owners who remain convinced they must do  everything alone quickly burn out,” Karen Southall Watts

I need control: It may also difficult to give up control of something  you have always done and believe only you can do and do it best. Delegating to a  virtual assistant is a learning process for some but I have found that once you  begin delegating, it becomes more second nature and such a stress relief to hand  off projects. It is certainly more cost efficient as there are no taxes, health  benefits, office space, insurances, office supplies or equipment. Your costs are  only project based and that is it!! Delegating is a move to expansion, increased  productivity, better time management, enhanced work life balance and a little  more time in your day to focus on what is important, rather than on what needs  to be done.

I can do it faster: This may be initially true, but after clear  instructions, detailed outcomes, a few tips, your virtual assistant will become  proficient at your task or project. They may even have more efficient tools and  systems to manage your request. If this is an ongoing task, think about how much  time you will free up by outsourcing it. It is the job of the virtual assistant  to be expedient, efficient and provide quality work. We do this every day, for  ourselves and our clients.

I can only rely on myself for the best results: Unfortunately, this  does not represent a growth mentality. Your virtual assistant is an established  business owner who understands delegating and accountability. Our goal is 100%  satisfaction – our business and reputation depends on it. Every task or project  is meticulously managed, double checked and triple checked to ensure you are  happy with the output. We encourage your feedback and suggestions for our mutual  success. As you know, we are only human and errors to do happen, but they are  rectified.

I don’t know what to delegate: Examine your core competencies, what  are you best at or what represents your fundamental business acumen. These are  your high payoff activities that only you can do. Anything that is low value or  does not generate revenue can be successfully delegated. A simple exercise would  be to track all of your daily tasks and projects for one week. Note the time  spent, any interruptions, what was accomplished, which items generated revenue  and how many things on your To Do list still remain. Upon review, you will be  able to more clearly define what you should do, delegate or dump.

Remote business operations can’t possible work: Oh but they do. For  many of the day to day business tasks, a virtual assistant is your savvy,  technological partner to help drive your organizational success. VAs must be  able to utilize a variety of cloud based tools, computer software and  applications to communicate and manage each and every task that is delegated. We  are constantly reading and educating ourselves on a daily basis. We must remain  current and ready to tackle any business objective. If we don’t have the  skillset, someone on our team or within our industry is will to help. Virtual  Assistants are your vested partner.

“CEOs and founders need to focus on personally working  on tasks that have the biggest impact on growth–delegate everything else.  There’s only so much time in the day, so keeping your focus is key.” Ilya  Pozin

A greater fear to consider is how much are you holding on to that is stopping  you from focusing on the core of your business? What isn’t getting done? How  many hours do you put in on a weekly basis?

5 Mental Roadblocks to Partnering with a Virtual Assistant image entrepreneurs2 thumb 380x261 36111In a recent article Harvard Business Review  article: “The Skills Most Entrepreneurs Lack” by Bill Bonnstetter, he  discussed a study which showed that entrepreneurs are lacking in self-management  and planning and organization.

“Entrepreneurial-minded people are not proficient in managing  themselves and their time. Often they need assistance managing everyday  tasks and should hire or delegate them to someone who has mastered this skill.  Similar to self-management, if entrepreneurs spent time planning and organizing  every task or meeting, they would never get anything else done. Once again,  hiring someone to keep their calendar, organize meetings and events, keep the  office de-cluttered, and help keep them on schedule can put them at an  advantage.”

Think long and hard about the value of your time and your daily To Do  list. What should you begin delegating today?


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