Network EasierNetwork Faster, Easier, and More Effective!Screenshot 1

                xSky makes it ridiculously easy to communicate with your list! Write your message,  add a Firstname Tag to make it personal, and send it out to thousands of people instantly!

Contact ManagementManage & Organize Your Contacts!Screenshot 2

                Having a hard time keeping an overview of your Contact List? Skype already has a Category system built into it,  however it is very tedious to navigate it.
                                That’s the past however, because xSky gives you perfect overview of your  Contacts – Know what Contacts are in what Categories, Add/Remove multiple Contacts to/from Categories, and have all your Categories laid out nicely in front of you. Contact Management is easy with xSky, simply because it should be!               

Lift the Skype Limitation!Lift the Skype LimitationScreenshot 3

                Skype has a silly limitation when it comes to Categories – you can’t add Contacts to a  Category, before they have accepted your Contact Request!
                                Well, that’s kind of a bummer, when you want to keep track of what people you added from where, if/when they ask you. We give you: xSky Lists!
                                Not only is processing an xSky List a lot faster than a Skype Category, it allows you to add ALL Contacts – That means you can even keep track of people who did not add you yet!