By Chris Abraham.

If you’re interested in protecting and controlling your own online reputation, one of the easiest things in the world you can do is register as many domain names as are available and try to back-order all the rest. And, don’t tell me how expensive that’ll be either, because it’ll surely end up being a lot cheaper than option B, C, D, or E — where option B is the thousands of dollars you’ll need to spend if someone else gets your domains first and is willing to sell them back to you and option C is when, instead of selling your domain name back to you, they create an attack site wherein mis-info is the special of the day

One domain’s good enough, right?

I have been in the online reputation management game for ten years, sharing everything I know about it for five, and folks are still walking around like it’s 1993. Maybe my megaphone isn’t big or loud enough but folks are still wandering around with maybe one domain name. Sometimes this domain name is their name; other times, it’s something cute or branded. Domains are so cheap that you should own at least twenty-five — just you. Seriously. You should reserve as many as you can actually reserve, meaning you probably cannot cross too many country codes off your list as most countries require residency or citizenship. But do whatever you can, whatever you can afford, it’s not too late (you can always put together a pretty good collection of domains made up of entirely of second- and third-tier domains.

Waaah! All the good domains are already taken!