“How To Start a Social Media Routine – A Method To Your Madness”

By Shaun Hinklein

So its Monday morning and you’re back into your social media routine. You might not refer to it as a social media routine yet. Maybe its just random checking here and there on Twitter mentions,

Facebook likes, and shared content on Pinterest and Tumblr, but did you ever think of creating a method to the madness?

Social media never sleeps and if you were so allowed you’d be able to contribute and evolve your campaigns using it 24-7. Since you can’t (unless you’re a super cool robot) it is best to spend your time wisely. Creating a routine doesn’t mean there is anything set in stone and you can customize this to your liking anytime.

Here is just a bit of my current social media routine. Maybe it’ll help you guide your own campaigns.

Optimize and Report any Social Media Ads

The first thing before getting into community engagement is to check up on any ads I’m running. This includes Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, and Google AdWords buys. Instead of just collecting data to analyze for a report I’ll also make changes based on the weekends performance.

This can take some time so its normally why I knock this out first thing in the morning. Creating content and engaging brand ambassadors will have to wait. If ads are running they are my top priority. I want to make sure the money is being well spent and targeted towards the right users.

Twitter Mentions and Facebook Tags

Twitter mentions and Facebook tags (along with a slew of other metrics) are just two examples of users mentioning the brand or interacting with the campaign. For this action I react by either mentioning them directly, replying, or showcasing them.

This goes hand in hand with reputation management. With the good comes the bad comments that might hinder the brands digital identity. This will also be the damage control segment of the day, though this is ongoing considering it can occur at anytime.

What helps me find these before anyone else is an intense obsession with Google Alerts, Sprout Social, and Google Trends. Hootsuite works as well, but you’ll have to stay diligent and refresh the streams.

Create and Share Content

Now comes the part I enjoy the most when it comes specifically to social media; content creation and syndication. There are a few steps here

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