There are some things that you need to avoid while article writing for the web. By avoiding such mistakes, the article will be more attractive and reader friendly.
There are quite a few article writing mistakes that need to be avoided. Writing for the purpose of search engine optimization  has its own skills and technicalities and an article should adhere to it in order to be effective. If the article is written without complying with the guidelines and technical aspects, it will be nothing more than garbage. While writing, one should have an idea of the guidelines and technicalities and try to follow them. If done with care, the article writing task with be absolutely full proof and yield great results in terms on linguistic finesse as well as revenue aspects.
The first mistake about article writing for SEO is that lots of writers club the keywords together. This will not only reduce the flow and look of the article, but also make the article a spam. As such care should always be taken to ensure that the keywords are evenly spread though out the whole article. For example, if the whole article consists of 4 keywords, the article writing should ensure they are spread all over the article in relevant places. This will make the article more reader friendly to the user, and also help increase the ranking on the search engines.
Secondly, while article writing, lots of writers tend to use hyperbolic words. This should be absolutely avoided. Writing for the web demands that the article content should be lucid, precise, and also easy to read. The article needs to have a flow that induces the reader to go further into the body of the article. In the beginning, there needs to be an attractive article that makes the reader get interested to read further down. Moreover, the article also needs to be informative as the sole purpose of article writing for the internet is to provide useful information and details.
Last but not the least, another article writing flaw is to deviate from the relevant topic and start writing something else. Because writers have a creative bent of mind, there are lots times when they start writing lots of things that may be considered irrelevant to the whole topic. This should be avoided so that the article looks much better and also friendly to the reader. Article writing that is relevantly written article with a wonderful simple language is the trick to writing for the web. The language should be easy to comprehend, and also lucid and flowing.


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