Well the morning started off at 6:00 a.m. with a big bang, coffee pot broke coffee all over dog running around trying to lick it all up what a mess.

I have spent like three days trying to think of a post and all I have gotten is a big blank. The guys meaning, Dave and Dave our founders of this fantastic program have made this way to easy and pretty much have done all the work so what to talk about is difficult, and as Dave says don’t be all business, unfortunately that is pretty much all I know so I guess I am going to have to figure out how to be a little creative in my writing.

I have spent the some of my time setting up links at my web site, had to redo the google blog because they changed their format, then into my old word press and last but not least a fan page at Facebook which turned out to be a total night mare, but we must leave no stoned unturned the more you have going the more the traffic so get it where you can.

Will catch you all later, in the mean time check out the fan page at Facebook and give me some comments, would love to hear them and if you like it hit like.

Have a Good One Friends