A Few Lessons Learned

After three years of trying to earn money on line only to realize I was doing it all wrong and about to quit someone gave me some advise, which I had wished I had been given from the very beginning. One of the reasons most people fail at internet marketing is they do not know the correct principle’s on how to get ranking in the search engines, without ranking your business will go no where and you will just be wasting time and money. I spent endless hours clicking at surf sites, paying for credits only to realize all the traffic I was getting was from folks doing the same thing I was doing, they were clickers to and not exactly what you would call quality traffic. This practice is a waste of time and does not produce quality traffic, just lookers, with no potential for increasing your business and earning income.
So where do we begin? The first order of business is to set up a blog, word press, writing articles and submitting them for publication etc. If your business already has a pre made site that is what you are going to promote as well. Next comes learning how to do Seo, back links and picking quality tag words.
Now I know your sitting there saying to yourself I do not know how to do that…I said that to, but it is easier then you think once you get started.
I recently set up a new web site. It initially started out for me to just do click bank, but as I was putting it together I started to think of all the hours I spent helping others to promote their business and out of frustration they just gave up. At that point I decided to have others come and join me, I added a membership page, links, forum and news. The idea behind it was to help others promote their internet business and in turn we all would be helping each other. I would do all the promoting for the web site, you as a free member would add your business and at the same time also add the website to your listing, where by each member would get quality traffic increasing their earning potential. If each member learned how to promote their site, we would increase our exposure in the search engines and all members would increase their ranking bringing quality traffic and sales to their site. If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in go to my site sign up as member and contact me personally so I can help you to start to promote your internet business.

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